Cantor or CG Technology Continues to Stay ahead of the Curve.

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Cantor or CG Technology Continues to Stay ahead of the Curve.
With the recent approval of legislation that was approved in Las Vegas Cantor Gaming working through its new entity name of CG Technology has become the United State’s first legal Bookie.
To Summarize the activity over the last three years Basically Cantor was allowing Pinnacle or illegal sports book outfits to lay action on certain positions if they were lopsided three years ago. Cantor Gaming then pays a big fine of $5.5 million to get off while throwing one of its Directors Mike Colbert under the bus. Three years later Cantor under the name of CG Technology gets a law passed in Vegas take wagers from sports betting hedge funds where the funding is pooled into one bank account. The monetary investment can be deposited into the bank account from anywhere in the country as long as the LLC is a Vegas LLC and the bank account for the LLC was opened in Vegas. CG technology wants to book these bets and found a way to legalize the exact same situation that was investigated by the federal government three years ago

As a refresher on the story back from 2012 Mike Colbert with Cantor gaming who at the time was a Director and line maker was arrested along with other individuals based out of Las Vegas including professional poker player Paul Sexton on Money Laundering and illegal Bookmaking charges.
Now Cantor Gaming or CG technology can take the same action as they were taking years ago but have found a way to do it within the law of the land in Vegas to avoid federal prosecution

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