Is Rio de Janeiro ready to host the 2016 Olympic Games? Sports Picks Monitor or Handicapper Monitor

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Is Rio de Janeiro ready to host the 2016 Olympic Games?

Rio de Janeiro is the next city to host the biggest athletic showdown in the world, the 2016 Summer Olympics. This South American hot spot is hoping for heightened success but still has crucial issues it must tackle to pull of this exciting event. Polluted waters are a major concern in Guanabara Bay where many events, such as windsurfing and sailing events are to be held. Raw sewage and garbage floods the bay, which if left untreated, creates major risks for the athletes, such as injuries from debris or contraction of illnesses from the contamination. Heightened violence is also an increasing large obstacle, muggings and robberies, and gang activity continues to rise.

City preparations have definitely had the Olympic committee highly concerned; however, Rio seems to now be under a strict schedule and sticking to crucial deadlines to make sure the games are a success for their city.

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